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"I'm a qualified bushcraft & wilderness living instructor..."

Based: Woking, Surrey

Will travel

"My style is modern cinematic. I relish slick transitions which give the illusion of continuous shots, overlaid with fluid motion graphics to tell a really smooth, professional looking story"  

"My strengths would be video and social media content, alongside documentary style 'about us' shorts"

"I began increasing my reach through YouTube. This developed into me pushing to develop my shot composition and the narrative of the stories I was trying to tell"

"I consider myself an eternal student. As soon as I've learned a skill I discover there are two or three more aspect I can master"

"My inspiration comes from a few different YouTubers such as Peter McKinnon, Sonduck Film and Daniel Schiffer"

"I have 12 years of military service. The past three have been as head of technology enhanced learning & video content manager"

"I would describe myself as outgoing, ambitious & creative. I love to work with ideas from their initial stages to build big narratives with big ideas"   

"I'm a keen outdoorsman. I still teach wilderness living skills and survival techniques"