"I'm pretty much obsessed by music - and I have a black Bombay cat called Puppy"

*FortyFour Creative logo designer

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North Glasgow International Festival

"I’m an ideas man. The way I work is to research then spill out dozens of ideas and experiments then whittle it all down until only the diamonds are left"


"I’m naturally attracted to outsiders and subversives. I’m a huge fan of Aubrey Beardsley; one day when I get a tattoo it’ll be one of his! I also love the work of Gustave Doré, Hilma af Klint and typographer Eric Gill"

The Perfume Store 2
TCIC poster

"I have over 20 years' experience designing corporate branding, logos, stationery and display graphics such as signs and window graphics. I take time to get to know clients and familiarise myself with the visual language of their business area so the designs are collaborative achievements between me and the client. I want my work to communicate the personality of the business and its staff"

"I’ve worked with partners on printed graphics, signage and display, bookbinders and design agencies on a huge variety of projects. I left college with merits in Corporate Identity, Typography and Animation for New Media. I’m an amateur photographer and have collected my own image library for use in my design work"

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