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"After a lifetime in the music industry I’m attracted by the immediacy of clicking a shutter..."

Based: Perthshire

Will travel

monochrome fizz

"My intention is to create attractive & dramatic photos of people, places & events. I like to photograph the things people do & make, & how they do them & make them.

white orchid

"Robert Capa said 'If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough'. You're probably not low enough either. Going lower draws attention to the rower’s oar biting the water, the car tyres spinning & smoking, the grit flying up from the motor bike"

"Cinematography is a constant inspiration. It guides me every time whether while setting up shots of various sports or in a more relaxed fashion when taking studio & outdoor portraits & creating studio life stills"


"The late sixties & seventies were a heady mix of styles & subjects. There was 'Swinging London' with David Bailey’s polished fashionista portraits of pop stars & models contrasting sharply with gritty, appallingly graphic photos created by Vietnam war photographers like Nick Ut, Don McCullin & Horst Fass"

rowing 1

"I live 300 feet up a Perthshire hill & became aware of brightly coloured cyclists hurtling past my gate. I've now sold hundreds of photos of individual riders & competitors at national & international events. This led me to cover motocross events then golf & football."

taking the air!

"A lifetime as a professional musician has taught me the value of practice. I’ve taken hundreds of photos of my dog Zac running towards me with his ball as a way of teaching myself how to photograph fast moving sportsmen & women"


"I have a number of still life studio shots of glassware & bottles but my best sellers are of the muddy tyres & wheels of tractor, agricultural & forestry equipment. Somewhat alarmingly a few photos of my dog Zac have been downloaded in North Korea…"