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"I have a character-focused style. I try to convey aspects of emotion in my photographs to transmit a story"

Based: Motherwell

Will travel

Vale of Leven-40

"I have a character-focused style when it comes to photography. I try to convey aspects of emotion in my photographs to transmit a story"

Vale of Leven-45

"I have a great eye for detail. I’m able to accentuate detail in my work which other photographers may miss" 

Vs Johnstone Burgh (WM)-7
Eas Urchaidh Waterfall

"I’ve been a freelance photographer for outlets like the Audio Engineering Society, Forth Valley College Stirling & Newmains United Football Club"

"Ryan Loco's photography is some of the best in the world & the reason why I tried sports photography myself. His sports & portrait photography gives such an in-depth & detailed insight into the subject. I feel like I know the people in the photographs despite only seeing them through his work"

Football Sky (Contrasted)

"I’m a massive video games fan & have been since I was three or four years old. I play pretty much every platform, though Nintendo will always be my favourite after Pokémon Diamond got me into gaming."

Electric Motown  (WM) - 13

"I’m a fan of professional wrestling & regularly travel across the UK & Ireland to see shows"