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"I love Edgar Wright's visual detail. I try to replicate that..." 

Based: Motherwell

Will travel

I like Edgar Wright & his focus on visual comedy. A lot of directors nowadays don't take full advantage of the visual element of video by conveying information up-front through dialogue. Wright constantly gives the viewer details & creates comedy through what's visually on screen. Like in Hot Fuzz, we see the main character notice one of the other patrons is underage because of a glint of light that reflects off their braces. I try to replicate this in my own work"

"I have extensive knowledge of using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. I use this knowledge to produce videos of any style & tone. I have edited a wide variety of videos including promotional and comedy sketches, which has allowed me to build up my experience"

"I’ve worked on various promotional videos for outlets such as the Scottish Funding Council, Newmains United Football Club & the Stirling Tenants Assembly. I also occasionally produce 'Innes Tries...', a comedy series in the style of shows like ‘An Idiot Abroad’ and ‘Taskmaster’"

"I’m a massive video games fan and have been since I was three or four. I play across pretty much every platform, though Nintendo will always be my favourite thanks to Pokémon Diamond getting me fully into gaming. I’m also a fan of professional wrestling & travel pretty regularly across the UK & Ireland to see shows"