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"I love Edgar Wright's visual detail. I try to replicate that..." 

Based: Motherwell

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Newmains CrossFit Clip

Newmains CrossFit Clip

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I like Edgar Wright & his focus on visual comedy. A lot of directors nowadays don't take full advantage of the visual element of video by conveying information up-front through dialogue. Wright constantly gives the viewer details & creates comedy through what's visually on screen. Like in Hot Fuzz, we see the main character notice one of the other patrons is underage because of a glint of light that reflects off their braces. I try to replicate this in my own work"

"I have extensive knowledge of using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. I use this knowledge to produce videos of any style & tone. I have edited a wide variety of videos including promotional and comedy sketches, which has allowed me to build up my experience"