"I grew up on the Isle of Lewis & can speak some Gaelic. I also taught myself to play the accordion..."

Based: Glasgow

Will travel

"I like to adapt my style depending on the client I’m working for"

"If the purpose is to inform I like to add interviews or voice overs. I also think close-up shots give a more intimate feeling to the video and helps to draw the viewer in"

"I aim to get as much footage as I can and make sure I'm always moving about to get all the different angles" 

"I'm able to visualise what the video could look like before I’ve started filming. When I get a briefing I immediately start creating a story in my head and the different ways that I can portray what is required"

"I pay attention to detail. Filming or editing, I always keep my concentration on the task at hand. As I always plan a shoot before I do it I make sure I follow the plan thoroughly so I don’t miss anything crucial"

"As I love filming & creating so much I’m always motivated to do the best I can"

"I covered the Scottish Cup for QTV Sports & film youth football games & post-match interviews for Youth Football Scotland. I was a videographer for the Glasgow Caledonian University marketing team making promotional videos for different courses. new applicants. I've also made short videos for the Scottish Social Service Awards, the BDO Street Dance Championships & assisted with filming for Celtic Fans TV"

"I’m friendly, enthusiastic & focused. I like to make people I’m working with feel comfortable"

"I enjoy listening to music and playing instruments. I taught myself to play the accordion which led me to also learn piano & guitar"  

"I enjoy driving & exploring different spots around Scotland. If I’m able to I'll hop on a plane as I love travelling to different countries & seeing the world"