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"Good designs are created by great inspirations..."

Infinity Logo
Lighthouse Logo
The Nightmare Before Christmas Art Deco.

"I'm experienced in branding, logo design, word marks, editorial design, illustrations and poster design for the film and music industry"


"I also specialise in comic, retro, cult-style film illustrations. Each concept is sketched traditionally then professionally hand-drawn digitally ready for printing."

Ice Cream Logo
Logo & Packaging

"As well as designing, I'm also skilled in photograph restoration, editing and manipulation"

"I've attended many printing workshops & events throughout Scotland & gained valuable hands-on experience in all aspects of printing techniques"

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Apple Typography
Movie Scriptsmall

"My style mainly focuses around typefaces and the use of typography. I try to keep the main visual language simple, beginning with geometric shapes with straightforward or complex lines incorporated into the designs"

Netguard Logo Blue
Editorial Layout

"I'm an enthusiastic team player committed to delivering top results on time & within budget"

"I'm the owner of an online art shop"

"I'm inspired and influenced by the styles of the late graphic designer Saul Bass and film director Sam Raimi. I love Bass' use of typography and the way he incorporates simple, geometric shapes. Raimi's trademark kinetic camera angles and visual ways of storytelling can be adapted into the creative industry"